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New Page! After Effects Javascript Mocap

Check out my new page:

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This section centers on my ongoing pursuit of homemade motion capture. My current attempt uses the motion tracking feature in After Effects in combination with my After Effects script. The script takes keyframe data from After Effects and exports it as a python file which may be executed in Blender.

-Corey Kruger

EDIT: The link to the page was broken- it is now fixed!


Two New Pages!

Check out two new pages on my blog:

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Blender Python Walking Script

This page covers a python project I’ve worked on in Blender 2.49. It involves a script in the Blender game engine which generates smooth walking cycles for sprites. The pose transitions are smooth and the feet don’t slide.


Maya Embedded Language – Feather Rigging Script

Here is another scripting project which uses MEL (Maya Embedded Language) to create a fully operational wing and feather rig in Maya. The rig is complete with constraints and expressions for realistic movements.


-Corey Kruger

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