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New Page! After Effects Javascript Mocap

Check out my new page:

^ Click on the image to view the page. ^

This section centers on my ongoing pursuit of homemade motion capture. My current attempt uses the motion tracking feature in After Effects in combination with my After Effects script. The script takes keyframe data from After Effects and exports it as a python file which may be executed in Blender.

-Corey Kruger

EDIT: The link to the page was broken- it is now fixed!


Dreamscape Challenge Entry

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is a video I entered in the Dreamscape Challenge on cgsociety. You can view it here along with its “making-of.” As of now, the judges are still deciding, and my hopes are high. This is my first successful (as in finsished) challenge entry.

And the “making-of.”

Be sure to try it out in HD on Vimeo for a better view!

I made this in my garage on my green screen and shot all the live footage on my Nikon P100 (that’s me in the robe!). I used After Effects for the green screen keying and Blender for the compositing, environment, and cloth simulation.

Just a note. This video is in no way related to my school or my current film courses. I wish it did but, I’m not quite there yet in my degree program. This project comes purely out of my own motivation.

Also, the music is by Hans Zimmer from Inception. I thought it was most appropriate considering the theme of the contest.

So, enjoy!

-Corey Kruger

Castle in Arizona Desert “Making of”

November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

This is my second test of Adobe After Effects and I’m quite pleased. The horizon is not as clean however, and I had to paint out a speed limit sign (you can still see the bottom of it if you look closely) but the 2d track worked very nicely. I also painted out some trees and low hills and added an artificial horizon to blend things more neatly (still need to work on that- you can see how it’s all fuzzy where the ground meets the sky).

This video was taken at the same place as the last video. It’s just a boring road somewhere in the desert. It ain’t boring no more!

After Effects Test Drive

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is my first test of Adobe After Effects. The video is a vfx breakdown of a simple sky replacement I performed. The footage is of the superstition mountains near my home. I’m very pleased with how it turned out considering the low resolution of the camera that I used.

This shot basically called for a simple 2d track with a color key for the sky and a minimal amount of masking. There are still a few tiny artifacts left over if you look closely but they’re not very noticeable. The lens flare was something of an after thought but it really helps hide the fact that the video was filmed in the middle of the day.

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